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National Updates

National Memorial Service for Volunteer Emergency Services

On Friday 28th April 2017, representing the SASESVA, Warren Hicks and John Lawrence attended the National Memorial Service for Emergency Services. Chris Beattie was also there representing SASES, along with representation from emergency and fire services across Australia. This event is held annually, in Canberra and is now in its third year, although the memorial itself has been there longer. The event is organised by AFAC and recognises those who have lost their lives dealing with disasters both natural and human induced.

Warren said: “I must say that it is somewhat sobering to stand at such an event, and watch a young child step up to receive a memorial medal for the loss of a parent. Reinforces the dangerous work we do and the reasons for making it as safe as possible.”

While in Canberra Warren and John meet with the National SESVA and discussed a number of common issues that each State and Territory face; growing demands, not backed up by government support, different funding arrangements etc. At the meeting of the board of Directors at which the Chair of the SASESVA sits as a director, financial reports are tabled and the National raffle which is now operational in Victoria, NSW, ACT and the NT is running well with national estimating a turnover in the millions. Plus each state will receive the profits from sales in their state. SA has yet to start due to issues that have been encountered with the registering of the lottery in SA by national. Hopefully these will be addressed soon and then further information can be provided on the lottery, how funds are divided and most importantly once this income stream establishes, what the Association can do with the money raised to assist volunteers.


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Award Recognitions

Brian Hunter awarded Ministerial Emergency Services Medal

Brian HunterBrian Hunter was presented with his Ministerial ESM by the Hon Peter Malinauskas, Minister for Emergency Services on Wednesday 23 November 2016.


Brian is regarded at Metro South as one of the most reliable and inspiring individuals for the way he always gives anything a go. Brian outstandingly meets all criteria for recognition and using words from the nation criteria, he extends tolerance, justice and fairness to all his peers and the community he serves. Congratulations Brian!


Alas, sometimes because of his disability, it is not always reciprocated but this never deters him from his continual persistence to bridge and remove barriers, especially with his peers. It is true fortitude and a beautiful philosophy on life.


Brian always makes himself available at all times of day and night. His qualities extend to his desire for knowledge and his eagerness to undertake courses to enhance this. He hold all his fellow members in high regard and great respect, and this is mutual.


The SES for Brian is a true devotion and proud participation in community life, giving him immense satisfaction each time he contributes to callouts and emergencies with the crew…..he is one of the team.


Edinburgh Unit

April Young Named Salisbury's Citizen Of The Year 2016

The City of Salisbury Citizen of the Year Award is awarded for outstanding service to the City of Salisbury.

April received the 2016 Award in recognition of her incredible sense of community spirit and pride for many years for both her school and the wider Salisbury community.


In particular, she was awarded it for her efforts in organising and overseeing fundraising events at the Salisbury Park Primary School, having raised  over $15,000 in the past three years, and  also for her strong commitment to, and long term service with the Edinburgh Unit of State Emergency Service,  supporting both the local community and the broader community with major incidents such as the Pinery Bushfire.


John Harry, the chief Executive Officer of the City of Salisbury said when announcing the award:
"April is someone that leads by example, volunteering her time to the community day or night and she is a very worthy recipient of the 2016 City of Salisbury Citizen of the Year Award.


April Young

Pictured from left to right:: John Harry (CEO City of Salisbury), April, Gillian Aldridge (Mayor, City of Salisbury)


Cambodian Coommunity Presentation

On 21 January (2016), Team Leader April Young and Unit Manager John Lawrence gave a presentation to the local Cambodian community at their MacDonald Park temple.  The date and time was chosen because it immediately preceded a ceremony to celebrate the start of construction on their new Wat Preah Puth Mean Chey or “Victorious Buddha Temple”.  The visit was facilitated by Leesa Vlahos MP, Member for Taylor (and Edinburgh’s local member), who earlier in the week was appointed Minister for Disabilities and Minister for Mental Health and Substance Abuse.  Leesa’s Community Liaison Officer, Dara Khiev, acted as interpreter, because most of those present did not speak English.


The objective of the presentation was to make the community aware of the existence of the SES and what we do, and at least one monk put the 132 500 number into his phone during the presentation.


Much interest was shown in the rescue truck with many members of the community were keen to be photographed beside it.

Dara is also the Vice-President, Adelaide, for the Cambodian Broadcast Network (CBN) and he had the presentation recorded.  It, along with a subsequent interview with both April and John, will be put on the CBN YouTube feed.


There are three more Cambodian temples in our response area and it is anticipated that we will be giving presentations at each of those as well.


This was a different and unexpected experience.”


John Lawrence
Edinbrugh SES


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Kapunda Unit

Kapunda member Judith Hackett’s day at the Clipsal 2015

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Yankalilla Unit

Landsearch at Carrickalinga


Jess, Trish, Ashlee, Shay and Heather from Yankalilla SES were part of a 14 person landsearch at Carrickalinga Beach late  October, and helped retrieve the body of a 60 year old male who had been washed up on the beach in unknown circumstances. By utilising a stokes litter they were able to move the body.


John Edge from Yankalilla Unit said he was very proud of the unit’s younger people, who were stepping up and are ready to undertake the difficult tasks  when required to do so.


The unit responded at 1100 hours and concluded at about 2000 hours.


Volunteers searched the beach north and south of the incident for clothing that may have belonged to the victim, with the event being covered by every major news channel, MAC helo, and local police plus forensic and major crime.


Back up support was provided by DO Peter Nygaard and a final search  was conducted with grateful support form Noarlunga and South Coast SES units.


Unit Managers Forum and SASESVA Awards Dinner 2015

Photographs from the Unit Managers Forum and SASESVA Awards Dinner 2015 are now available on Flickr.


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