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On behalf of CFS, SES, MFS and SAFECOM, the Emergency Services Leadership Group, has approved SAFECOM sponsoring this event which is being organised by the Don Dunstan Foundation to raise funds for their Mental Health programs.

The event is called AdMental and it aims to explore how marketing and advertising can improve mental health and wellbeing specifically for first responders. Multiple advertising agencies will pitch on how to sell wellbeing in relation to “First Responders”.

The audience will be given an opportunity to vote on the winning advertisement and will be followed by a panel discussion featuring mental health and marketing experts.

Tickets are $20 each. And the links for those interested in attending to book are: or

Election 2018

Over the last few months the SESVA has actively liaised with both the Minister for Emergency Services and the Shadow Minister over issues that could impact the Sector and looking for support with the lead up to the State Election.

Then in February the Chair wrote to the Premier, Leader of the Opposition and Nick Xenophon of SA Best as the three key players in the House of Assembly. Response was received from the Minister and a verbal acknowledgement of being keen to work with us and address our letter from the Shadow Minister.

The letters are in the Members Only section for your information. We also mentioned that after the 2014 Election we had the Sector Reform period and that the trust that was eroded is yet to be fully restored.  We also wanted better support and recognition for our volunteers. To highlight the service provided we provided a break down of taskings and key events since 2014.

AGM 2017 Minutes and New Committee Contacts

Minutes for the 2017 AGM held 12 November 2017 are now available in the Members Only section.

New committee member contact details are also now available in our Contact section.

DEWNR again provides access to National Parks for SES Volunteers 2017/18

As volunteers who have enjoyed access to National Parks know, the format changed in 2016/17 with all bookings now being made online and nominating a specific vehicle for the 12 month period no longer applies.

All you have to do is use the code provided to you by the Association and when booking you must also use your volunteer email address. This is for both visiting parks and booking campsite facilities. Instructions pages are attached to the email, when we issue you with your code.

A reminder, when requesting a code, please send the request via your volunteer email address and also include your contact number.

Instruction pages are also located in the Members Only section.

Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Insurance

Information regarding the group personal accident voluntary workers policy is now available in the Members’ only section.

Emergency Services HealthEmergency Services Health for SES Volunteers

Emergency Services Health is a new, not-for-profit private health insurer that is designed exclusively to enhance the physical and mental health and wellbeing of Australia’s emergency services community. It’s backed by Police Health, extending the quality cover previously police officers and their families could access to our colleagues in the emergency services. As a member of the SASESVA volunteers are eligible to join the fund.

For over 80 years now, Police Health has been proud to stand behind the police community, supporting their health and wellbeing. We know what it takes to support people across emergency services. So it’s not surprising that workers and volunteers in emergency services have asked us for the same straightforward and comprehensive cover that police and their families enjoy.

Information in the Members’ only section.

Guideline of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment: Volunteers

This policy came into effect on 3 November 2016 and applies to SES volunteers, as SASES is a public sector agency as defined in the Public Sector act 2009.

The intent of this Guideline is to assist in ensuring persons acting as volunteers in public sector agencies are managed and otherwise treated in a fair and equitable manner.

Update on CFA Victoria Sitution and concerns of the Victorian SES Volunteers

Many volunteers have asked what is happening in Victoria and as a consequence your Association has established a section in the Member’s only section, which include many articles which have appeared in the press to date, together with updates from our Victorian counterparts who are also concerned about potential implications.

SASESVA registered by the Australian Charities and Not-For- Profit Commission

The Association was registered by the ACNC on the 1 April 2016 and has also been endorsed by the ATO for charity tax concessions. Details can be viewed in the Members Only Section.